For over 20 years, Carburant has worked with innovators and visionaries: independent-minded people who anticipate tomorrow’s tastes and behaviours and create work that speaks to the younger audiences in the most authentic way possible. Our reputation of working with the video game and cinema industries has led us to working with brands in other verticals too. Sport, luxury and automotive brands interested in our understanding of the application of entertainment.


We are made up of a combination of Gen X, Y and Z, and we all share an inclusive and open idea of the world. We understand the society of today and tomorrow and, through our work, see our role as to generate the biggest impact on targets with limited attention spans. And, as the results of our work show, we’re pretty good at it too.

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Our expertise

  • Social Media and Influence
  • Media Buying
  • Advertising Creation
  • Special Operations


We’re a wealth of talent working together to bring our collective expertise to our clients. A wealth of talent that are all constantly on the lookout, all constantly curious, and all constantly learning, all of us driven by ‘what’s next?’

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    Strategy and Management
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    Consulting and expertise
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    Business Leads

Meet the team

AACC member and corporate social responsability.

Carburant has been a proud member of the AACC, the French Association of Communication Agencies body, since 2018.

Like most of us, we are hugely aware of environmental impact, and by supporting the development of eco-conception in our projects, we’re actively limiting ours. Carburant obtained the CSR label in 2019, officially evaluated and certified by AFNOR.

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