League of Legends April Fool 2023

vidéo, shooting

League of Legends April Fool 2023 - vidéo, shooting

A troll of a Champion

For League of Legends April Fool's Day 2023, Riot Games France announced the fake arrival of an in game Champion inspired by a famous LOL influencer. Carburant has been tasked for the writing of the script, the shooting and the video creation.

GobGG announce MetalliGob

Streamer Julian Tréguer is interviewed to announce on camera that he will be adapted into the League of Legends game. His words are offbeat to create humour and complicity with the community.

Photos of the shooting

Photos of the shooting

Bring MetalliGob to life

Bring MetalliGob to life

To add credibility to the announcement, Riot Games and Carburant commissioned artist Carmen "Wanda" Carballo to create the artwork for Champion MetalliGob to such high standard that it looks like it came straight from the development studio!

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