Foncia x Pièces Jaunes

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Foncia x Pièces Jaunes

Creation of a video summarizing the collection of yellow coins during the RC92 vs Stade Toulousain match.

Agence Carburant has produced a video summarizing Foncia's mobilization for the Pièces Jaunes operation during the RC92 match against Stade Toulousain.

Creation of two video formats: a short format for social networks and a long format for internal use!

The short version was published on all of Foncia's social networks, namely LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and collected a total of 14,595 views, 205 reactions and 49 comments. This video is part of the communication strategy implemented throughout January to promote Foncia's yellow coin collection, at head office, in agencies, in partner rugby clubs and during the Racing 92 match.

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