Story Trailer

Don't Nod

The rise of a new IP

Harmony : The Fall of Reverie is a lovely game, bearer of a unique proposition. When we saw its beautiful artistic direction, we knew we participate to offer the game the opportunity to shine bright when revealed.

Expressing the reverie

We wanted to be sure to honour the singularity of Harmony's universe within the 1minute limit of the trailer. We chose to trust Un Oeil Sur Tout, with the help of the talented producer Virginie Kypriotis.

The trailer starts with a dynamic edit, with diversified shots, offering a perspective on the real world and the realm of dreams. We also had to concretely express the branches offered by the Mantic, physical manifestation of the choices structure within the game, all of which have an impact on the scenario. Finally, we needed to introduce the atypical characters, the artistic direction while engaging the viewers.

Harmonizing the assets

The main challenge was to be able to tell a story with pre-established assets and the creation of a voice-over that would be able to tell the game's story and its universe. We also had to visually transcript the Mantic by showcasing portals leading to alternative universes. The agency managed to deliver all variations (30+) to be ready to display the trailer during February's Nintendo Direct.

Bring the dream to life

Bring the dream to life

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