Valorant Community highlights


Valorant Community highlights
Riot Games

A fast-paced frag movie set against a backdrop of revisited Drift Phonk.

Riot gave us two challenges: to find an artist to produce music in line with the Valorant identity, and to showcase the clips of the year, sent in by the French gaming community.

Dedicated orginal soundtrack

First, the choice of a musical style, given Valorant's identity, its rap/trap sound environment and current trends. After several proposals with different objectives, we settled on drift phonk, an easily identifiable genre perfectly suited to a dynamic montage evoking performance.

An edgy and intense editing

Once the music had been composed and validated, we put out a call for clips with the help of Riot Games to gather as many clips as possible from the FR community. After an intensive pre-selection based on the weapons used and the quality of the clips, we set up a vertical slice of what the final render would look like. At the same time, we used the game's private game mode to create Spec Mode clips to add moments of tension and perspective between clip sequences. It took a lot of time and concentration to recreate certain actions worthy of pro-players, but the result lived up to our expectations.

From YouTube to TikTok

Finally, with a view to adapting this recurring format to the realities of this year, we have broken the video down into three cutdowns dedicated to the various 9/16 content platforms (Reels IG, Tiktok, YouTube Shorts) to offer a viewing experience adapted to contemporary practices.

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