What does the sport of tomorrow look like?

The passion for sport crosses ages and unites hearts, but today, it demands a new form of expression. The world is different now; it’s a world where younger generations are constantly looking for more interaction. At Carburant, we understand this and put the tools in place for sports players to reinvent their communications completely. It’s about understanding, attracting and retaining the new generations by rethinking content and engagement which, fortunately, is our speciality.

Our DNA: innovation

We don’t wait for the future; we create it. We are propelling sports players into a new era by harnessing data, AI, and behavioural insights.


What We Do

  • Strategy & Consulting We’ll get the most from your game with innovative creative strategies.
  • Design & branding We’ll reveal the soul of your brand and turn it into a lever for growth.
  • Production & content We’ll produce content that all sports fans will engage with.
  • Advertising & média We’ll boost the visibility of your campaigns among the younger generation.

Our references

Ligue 1 Uber Eats

Official Discord Server

The Uber Eats League 1 Discord server was conceptualized and implemented by Carburant to provide a new tool for all enthusiasts. The ideal tool for informing, entertaining, exchanging and creating links between brands and the ultra-engaged communities of Gen Z.
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Ligue 1 Uber Eats

On Location - Paris 2024

Ads, website

By accompanying On Location (hospitality provider and official partner of Paris 2024) throughout its communications, the Carburant agency dives right into the heart of the Olympic Games. Notions of entertainment and competition that resonate with both the team and Gen Z.
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On Location - Paris 2024

We don’t create advertising, we create entertainment.

Gen Z experiences sports differently. It’s shared differently and talked about differently. Gen Z values authenticity, diversity and inclusion and expects the same from brands.

So, at Carburant, we see sport as more than just sport; we see it as a holistic experience with many formats and activities.

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