A Plague Tale : Requiem

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A Plague Tale : Requiem
Focus Entertainment

A chest of gaming treasure

A Plague Tale : Requiem is a game that takes you on a journey, which is as much emotional as it is geographical. Our Buzz Kit proposal was based on the five senses. We sent out beautiful, handmade, medieval-inspired wooden chests (their secrets belonging to French artisans’ craftsmanship techniques), containing specific objects, each representing a specific part of the game. Recipients would see, smell, taste, touch and hear the contents.

What's at stake : emotions

What's at stake : emotions

A Plague Tale : Requiem is a game with a specific proposal. It's an invitation on a journey, which is geographical as much as it is emotional. It felt natural for us to establish our proposal based on the 5 senses. You will identify smell, view, taste, feel, sight and hearing among the different objects, each representing a specific part of the game. All of it, well protected in a handmade medieval-inspired wooden chest. Its secrets belong to our French artisan's craftmanship techniques.

A sensory odyssey

Open the chest, and the contents are revealed - the delicate perfume of a lavender strand, a music box whose ethereal chimes play the game’s main theme, a 14th-century cutlery set, a diary and quill to make note of the medicinal herbs you will find along the way, and a crossbow - the same cross box as our hero Amicia expertly brandishes in the game.

Visibility spreading like a plague

Our chest travelled all over the world. We found it in the hands of Julien Chièze, The Relaxing End, Hideo Kojima, and much more ! Always generating the same feedback : "It is probably the best 'press kit' of all the ones you have shown." ; "In my opinion this is the by far the best press kit you have ever opened!!!" ; "Love this gaming franchise! Extremely jealous of those goodies."

Stunt Marketing Trailer - Reimagining a classic

With the blessing of French composer Olivier Derivière, our Marketing Trailer proposal was to let Lindsey Sterling, the acclaimed violinist, record her interpretation of the game’s main theme. After conceptualizing and storyboarding, our team shot the video in France with Lindsey dressed as Amicia. The video currently has more than two million views.

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