Influence, Youtube

Prime Video

Shaping a series' pitch into a million-views Youtube video

When talking about kidnapping, mafia and weapons, advertising can become a complicated task. A challenge that Carburant has undertook, with a powerful concept leading to a huge surprise for Laink & Terracid's viewers.

A never-seen before concept, precisely adapted to the influencers

The concept was developed based on the most appreciated trends on Twitch : A real-fake Urbex Live, followed by a plotted kidnapping in front of 26K mesmerized viewers. An endcard is responsible for reducing the existing tension by announcing a video on L&T's Youtube channel a few days later, based on the influencers' usual video posting schedule, to maximize audiences on each chosen platform.

A fruitful co-creation reshaping standards

By taking influencers' and production's feedback really early in the writing process, Carburant has been able to adapt the project's ambition to the realities of the influencers' communities and to the technical constraints linked to the shooting schedule. Adding HugoDélire as a sidekick for Terracid, reacting to Laink's adventures led to memorable sequences, both improvised (the "torture" session) and choreographed (car stunts and the final fight)

An ambitious shooting in record time

With only 1,5 shooting days with the talents, we had to optimize the scenes in order to shoot 35 useful minutes in a dozen hours only. A hard task, perfectly handled by Olivier from Specimen, and his lovely team. Car crash, explosions, gun shots, interrogation... All the visual codes implied by action movies were reshaped to precisely fit with each platform chosen.

Performances : through the roof

With more than 26 000 viewers on Twitch, an evening out of their usual schedule + more than a million views on Youtube, the operation is a massive success. Talents and viewers are dithyrambic and ask for more. Just trust the viewers.



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