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Ranked second among the brands most loved by the Gen Z, Discord chose to trust Carburant for its local expansion on the French territory. Social media accounts launch and development, events sponsoring, acquisition campaigns, TV Commercial, ... Carburant's 360 expertise has enabled Discord to meet its community and take it to the next level.

TV Commercial

Our TV Commercial had to be faithful to Discord's existing presence on the French territory. We produced the video with Virginie Kypriotis, in collaboration with Un Oeil Sur Tout, the production agency. Carburant designed and animated characters for the video and transposed them in Gen Z's most praised entertainment universes (video games, mangas and sports)

Print and DOOH

The print and DOOH display, under the unifying tagline #GoDiscord, was available in La Rotonde (one of the biggest OOH available in Paris, France), in the Paris underground and on tramway stickers in various french cities. The artworks have been inspired by video games, manga and sport culture, created by Carburant.

Social Media

From TikTok to Twitter or Instagram, we focused all our efforts with the goal of making of French Discord social accounts’s launch a true success. With the help of big influencers such as Domingo or Zerator and by being partners of very valuable events like Popcorn Festival or Paris Games Week, we have developed a strong community with more than 120K followers within only a few months, with more than 1 million of impressions on the most performing posts!

Events, Sponsoring & partnerships

In order to strengthen Discord's french SM channels creation, we selected partnerships to strengthen the brand on the French territory.

The Popcorn Festival, aligned with our 3 strategic pillars, was an ideal event for Discord's first event in France. Dedicated operations and management of Domingo's Discord server, SM giveaways, interviews of some of the most popular French Twitch talents based on Discord users' questions.. Discord appeared as the most appreciated brand of this edition. The activations helped us achieve +15K followers on Discord's FR Twitter account in 2 days.

We also wanted to connect Discord with its french esports communities. We therefore organized Discord's sponsoring of the LFL, the main national League of Legends tournament, where France's biggest teams compete for a spot in EU Masters. Once again, dedicated activations, giveaways, predictions management on Riot's LoL official server (+120k members), ...


As a way to foster User Acquisition, we've designed and produced social ads campaigns highlighting Discord's main features : video calls, screen sharing, text chat, ...

Tranway branded stickers

Tranway branded stickers

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