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Private division

Gravcycle pilots needed!

Marcus Lehto, Halo co-creator & former Bungie Studios creative director, set-up new independent gaming studio V1 Interactive back in 2014, and released their first title: Disintegration, a unique action shooter set to make a stand in a very competitive gaming market. 

Facebook Instant experience and game-ified carousel

Private Division commissioned a 7 stage experience that contained 2 trailers and 2 carousels with lead-in animations. Carefully edited trailer snippets put together in a carousel with prompts to compel the viewer to swipe through and quickly get a feel of the Disintegration world. By giving the viewer control of the ad in a fun and engaging way, the user gains an affinity with the game, and has control of the level of engagement with the ad that suits them. Localised for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, American, Australian and Russian markets for pre and post launch the carousel was used as a paid format on Instagram.

The final online ad suite, was to be short, punchy and concise. Diving straight into a composite (ESRB-safe) 9 second edit of the latest trailer, and ending with a reaffirmation of the campaign strap-line before ending on the key-art and roll-over prompts to attract wandering mouse pointers.

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