Elden Ring

Buzz Kit

Elden Ring
Bandai Namco

A swashbuckling adventure

Owner of the infamous GOTY title, Elden Ring was indeniably one of 2022's major events for the video games industry. A remarkable launch, especially thanks to a breathtaking Buzz Kit conceptualized by Carburant.

Try-Harder, even down to the concept

Try-Harder, even down to the concept

We knew that the names of George R.R. Martin, Miyazaki or From Software would cause people to talk about the game. We needed significative elements, meeting the requirements of the game's codes. A cape, like the one Melina's wearing. A pyrography portraying Malenia. A sword, to face the challenges you will encounter.

Not for everyone's hands...

Once produced, the kit was found in the hands of some of the most famous "Tarnished" of our amazing industry. Phil Spencer, Head of XBOX. Matthew Marcer, famous DM of Critical Role. Actor and video games lover Rahul Kohli. Professional unboxer TheRelaxingEnd. And much more...

Buzz Kit Of The Year?

The community is unanimous : It may very well be the best buzz/press kit ever made : "I've never been bright green with envy of a YouTuber until now. This press kit was epic but what more can you expect from the FromSoftware/Bandai Namco team. Thanks for sharing." ; "This is never ending lol I would definitely say best press kit ever! That sword and the woodworking was elite!" ; "That press kit is now on my must have, never will have list. Thats awesome." ; "It’s the type of press kit that makes you want to give a good appreciation to the game… Thank you From Software !!!"

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