Fast & Furious 9


Fast & Furious 9

The one and only Family

To celebrate the release of Fast 9, Carburant has put the pedal to the metal to develop a never seen before social media campaign. Supported by the launch of the official TikTok account of Universal Pictures France, the social team invaded all social networks of the film till the steps of the Cannes Film Festival.  

Maximum online visibility

Maximum online visibility

From wide angle home page take-overs websites to complete IAB package, the agency delivered fifteen media agencies, making sure that the "Family" was ubiquitous to all key audiences.

A high octane social media campaign

A long time partner of Universal Pictures France, Carburant Agency animated their social networks around this crucial release for the reopening of the cinemas in France, generating up to 4 times more social media engagement than the other Universal films!

Cannes film festival premiere

From Instagram and TikTok content to editing a featurette, our team of community managers attended the Influence and VIP premiere in Cannes, on the lookout to create unique content. The outcome? Over 200K organic views on the newly created @Universalfr's TikTok Fast 9!

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