Final Fantasy XIV Online : The Campfire

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Final Fantasy XIV Online : The Campfire - ads, TV

Friendly fire

Carburant Agency is proud and humble to present the Final Fantasy XIV Online international campaign : Campfire. With ambition to merge dreams and reality with CGI production around real actors, the result is a project as bold as the Final Fantasy intellectual property it promotes, from the original concept to the IAB assets and the production of all the videos.

A chaque héros son message

  • 4 vidéos masters 30 secondes
  • Déclinaisons 9x16 et 1x1
  • Versions 6 et 15s
  • Anglais, français, allemand

Nos quatre aventuriers partagent leurs exploits et expriment tous un pilier du jeu. Changement de classe selon les envies (Warrior), enjeux scénaristiques (Dragoon), communauté bienveillante (White Mage) ou encore diversité des activités (Blacksmith).

Pure brain juice from Carburant

Pure brain juice from Carburant
Pure brain juice from Carburant
Pure brain juice from Carburant
  • 4 master videos 30 seconds
  • 1 hero for each game pillar promoted 
  • 9:16 and 1:1 versions
  • 6 second and 15 second versions
  • English, French, German
  • +200 videos and +350 display formats

Original concept and idea, scripts, roughs, storyboards, location scouting, casting, costumes, screenplay, gameplay capture, shooting, CGI, post-prod, audio, dubbing, subtitling, IAB assets... Carburant agency is at the heart of a large-scale project, in partnership with Square Enix various teams (London, USA, Japan), Raise Up Films (production), Gizmo (CGI specialist) and Keywords Studios (dubbing).

The Warrior : gameplay and easy switch of class

The Warrior video concept represents the unique Final Fantasy XIV gameplay and in particular the possibility of switching easily when you want, without changing character.

The White Mage : caring and welcoming community

The White Mage video concept symbolizes the mutual support that unites and animates all Final Fantasy XIV players.

The Black smith: variety of activities and constant update

The Black smith video concept highlights her crucial role at the heart of all in-game exchanges, how diversified her activities are on top of the game content constantly being updated.

The Dragoon: the ever more epic scenario

The Dragoon concept video gives us a glimpse into the storyline challenges that all Final Fantasy XIV players experience. From past events to the upcoming challenges that are expected.

A production worthy of the Final Fantasy intellectual property

The Campfire is an international campaign comprising 200 videos to cover all formats and languages. In partnership with Square Enix, Raise-Up Films and CGI specialist Gizmo, Carburant wrote, produced and directed a project involving the recreation of the game's official costumes and sets, mixing real acting and CGI based backgrounds and animals.

IAB campaign: an invitation to join the heroes

IAB campaign: an invitation to join the heroes
IAB campaign: an invitation to join the heroes
  • Fifteen countries, three languages (English, German, French) 
  • + de 350 formats developed

The display formats (English, German and French) created to support the campaign aim to invite the user to take part in this warm campfire within Final Fantasy XIV. All four adventurers have their own set of IAB formats.

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