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Opération Portugal 2
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Carburant Agency has handled social media, influence and talent communications for the movie Opération Portugal 2 : La vie de château.

Carburant on-the-job: the preview tour

During the preview tour with the cast and D'jal (the film's lead actor), Carburant agency used playful and trendy concepts to promote the movie. Testimonials highlighting on-the-spot viewer opinions, a TikTok video featuring the "24h with" trend and a TikTok video based on the "POV" trend.

Humoristic content fitting the social media insights

  • POV TikTok (+385K views)
  • Spot punchline (+100K views)
  • POV Instagram (+100K views)

Carburant Agency has created and managed all the contents published on social networks. Take a look at the posts that generated the most organic views and engagements.

Influencers as spokespeople

Influencers as spokespeople

Carburant Agency called on two influencers related to the Portuguese community to carry the film's values!

Nico Capone (12.4M followers on Instagram) was invited to Bercy premiere in order to meet D'jal and promote the movie. He covered the live event on his Instagram stories and gave his opinion about the movie on release day.

Mika Portugal Family set a contest on his Instagram account to make his community win tickets to the Premiere. He was invited to the Bercy Premiere to meet D'jal and cover the event. He was asked to produce two videos to promote the movie. He posted on his TikTok (1.3M followers) and his Instagram (197K followers).

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