Movies, the theatre of all our passions

Never has the screen, from cinemas to our smartphones, been so powerful as with the seventh art. It's a cinema that takes us away for a few hours of entertainment or reflection, then is shared by enthusiasts, in person or on social networks.

Our approach

We stand for art, spectacle and escapism. We see communication as entertainment, stories as messages and visual quality as tributes. We want every activation to help brighten a day.


What We Do

  • Community engagement Let's animate your online communities to create real conversations.
  • Influence strategies Let's connect your brands with the most relevant talent to extend your reach.
  • Social & Live content Let's produce social content that captivates and engages, from TikTok to Instagram.
  • Advertising & media We deliver all your advertising formats for each of your ads and outings.


Influence, Youtube

Talking about kidnapping, the mafia and weapons on Twitch and YouTube seems like a "mission impossible". But it wasn't! That's the challenge the agency took up, with a concrete concept that surprised all Wankil viewers.
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Grease : Rise of the Pink Ladies


Bringing together seven influencers and deployed over three key periods (teasing, launch, sustain), the campaign set up by the Carburant agency covered all the stages of the series' notoriety, based on the world of the cult classic Grease. We're still dancing to it!
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Grease : Rise of the Pink Ladies

Connect your brand to new generations

Social networking is much more than a communication tool for Generation Z and Alpha - it's a way of life.

At Carburant, we don't just publish; we create experiences that resonate deeply with these audiences. As experts, we know how to engage, influence and retain these valuable audiences for your brand.

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